R&D Manufacturing

SST has its own in-house prototype and production manufacturing facility to enable rapid product development. While many outside resources are available, local third parties are focused primarily on high quantity production manufacturing with longer lead times. These longer manufacturing lead times cause excessive product development time.   Recognizing this, SST brought control of this in-house.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology and equipment. Our engineering group develops our designs in Solidworks®.  The same 3D model is used for programming our machines using CamWorks®, and the final product is verified again using the same 3D model on our DNC CMM machine.

The facility is specialized in the machining of exotic materials like Inconel 718, Incoloy alloy 925, and Monel 500 as well as all carbon steels, beryllium copper and aluminum.

Our QC department is equipped with a Wenzel® DNC coordinate measuring machine with an 8 ft. surface plate and is equipped with an extensive range of conventional measurement and test equipment.

While this facility has been built to service our needs, we also use this facility to accelerate the lead time of product development and testing for clients. Once the product development moves into commercialization, we also offer full product turnkey manufacturing, assembly, testing and qualification for client products.

Base Equipment List:

· OKUMA® LB3000EX MY,  CNC lathe with live tooling and Y axis
· OKUMA® LB4000EX M,  CNC lathe with live tooling
· HAAS® VF3YT with 4th and 5th axis
· GMC® 2080 engine lathe
· GMC® 1050 vertical knee mill
· Cosen© C-320 NC horizontal saw 
· Dake© V24 vertical saw
· Wenzel® XO 107 CMM