Continuos Pressure & Volume Systems

The Teledyne ISCO™ 1000D syringe pump gives us the capability to deliver highly accurate and repeatable flows of virtually any fluid, with flow rates to 1500 ml/minute, and a max pressure rating of 500 psi. 

  • Teledyne ISCO Series D pumps handle a wide range of applications that are difficult or impossible with ordinary pumps.
  • This allows for precision non-pulse fluid addition in the research and development processes, such as: reactant feed in chemical process development, catalyst evaluation, and plastic formulation as well as metering of liquefied gases.
  • The integral button-style pressure transducer in cylinder cap assures excellent stability and repeatability. 
  • Programmable modes of operation include single pump constant flow or constant pressure for batch feeding, and dual-pump continuous flow for long term applications.
  • The ISCO pump gives SST the ability to inject precise amounts of chemicals into a flow loop for gel formation, slurry development and many more applications.
  • The ISCO pump allows pumping with no pressure pulses, for precise testing of cores and the like.