Environmental Testing

The SST environmental testing laboratory has two programmable environmental testing chambers or climatic chambers that are used to produce various environmental conditions to test the effects of systems and components exposed to demanding environments. The SST environmental test chambers are capable of reaching temperatures ranging from -31°F (-35°C) to 401°F (205°C).  Each test chamber has internal dimensions of 40” W x 32” H x 36.5” D, and contains side ports for running pressure lines to the DUT (Devise under Test).  This allows for simultaneous pressure and temperature testing.

SST environmental test chambers are ideal for:

  • API PR Verification tests
  • HP/HT qualification testing
  • Controlled temperature/pressure cycle testing

High pressure test pods can be pressure regulated to 30,000 psi while being temperature controlled.  This allows these chambers to be ideal for use in seal systems qualification and core testing.