Technology Center

The SubSea Technology Center (SST) was built in the summer of 2013 as a dedicated facility for qualification, certification, performance verification, environmental testing and research and development.  SST is a subsidiary of the Production Technology & Services group of companies headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Few locations in the world have the capabilities the SST Technology Center possesses….two test wells on location deep enough to handle full-scale subsea landing strings and downhole tool strings.  We have the ability to subject them to the temperatures and pressures of the subsea and downhole environments plus the ability to tie them into our on-site flow-loop system at the same time.

We also have environmental chambers for smaller scale tests and an on-site prototype shop for quick turn-around on custom parts, modifications and part repairs.  We have a large coordinate measuring machine (CMM) onsite for dimensional checks before and after testing.

Our engineering staff is diverse and knowledgeable at virtually every phase of product development.  We have a multitude of experience in energy services related to exploration, completion, intervention, and production phases.

Our state-of-the-art test facility is world-class. Our location, testing versatility, and capabilities may present additional benefits.  We are located less than 2 miles south of I-10 on Hwy 6 in Houston, Texas, making us extremely accessible to Houston Energy Corridor. This can reduce hours of fruitless travel or headaches associated with spending days away from the office and alternative facilities. 

We are a resource to solve problems onshore before going to deepwater.  Average cost for an entire project with SST can be less than 1 day of offshore operations cost and done quicker than conventional resources.


To deliver commercial, technology-driven solutions to customers for drilling, completion or production related problems in an accelerated time frame and within budget!