Pressure Test Systems

At SST, our pressure testing capabilities give us the capacity to test a wide range of products in accordance with our customer needs.  All of SST’s test pumps are built with the highest quality fittings and valves that are rated to 30,000 psi.

Our large test packages provide the ability to test either at high or low volume as well as high and low pressures.  The SST test packages allow us to pressure products up to 30,000 psi, while maintaining highly accurate test data.  The SST test cart also allows for a wide variety of applications with the ability to use 6 different zones of pressures.  The pressure zones allow us to apply differential pressure in various applications, with 2 zones able to reach 30,000 psi and 4 zones reaching 10,000 psi.

The SST portable test pumps allow for testing high and low volumes up to 20,000 psi.  The benefit of the portable test pump allows us to use it virtually anywhere in our facility.  The onboard pressure transducers allow for a very high test accuracy and repeatability in testing.

We also have diaphragm pumps to aid in testing and fluid transfer, when necessary.

All of the pressure gauges are calibrated annually to ensure all testing is valid.  SST also has the means to combine our pressure testing operations with our environmental chambers to tailor testing to the needs of our clients.