Calibration Laboratory

​The SST calibration laboratory is equipped to provide calibration services and testing of downhole pressure and temperature gauges, and other instruments.  Whether it is first-time calibration or recalibration, the SST calibration laboratory offers a high-accuracy solution. Our laboratory contains a Fluke® PPCH-200M automated pressure controller, a unique hydraulic pressure generation system that offers high end performance for controlling, generating and calibrating at pressures ranging from atmospheric pressure to 30,000 psi.  The pressure controller has a remarkable measurement uncertainty of only ± 0.018 % of reading. The corresponding software package for this unit is specifically designed to run complete, automated calibration cycles for single or multiple units.  Data can then be collected, exported to a Microsoft Excel readable format, and delivered to the customer.

Pressure calibration and testing can also be conducted at elevated temperatures using our constant temperature oven, which can generate temperatures up to 400°F (205°C).  The internal dimensions of the oven are 23” W x 19.5” H x 19.5” D.  Our collection of calibration equipment also includes highly accurate platinum resistance thermometers (PRT) that are used for measuring reference temperatures during calibration.  These reference-grade sensors have an accuracy of ± 0.012°C at 0°C and ± 0.035°C at 420°C.

Our thermal and pressure calibration systems can be combined together with our propriety software to perform polynomial calibration on downhole instruments.