Permanent Monitoring System


Subsea Technology has extended our product and service offering by taking technology utilized in our subsea systems, and expanding this technology to provide a downhole permanent monitoring solution.

The SST Permanent Monitoring System offers the option of high accuracy Quartz sensor technology or a lower cost performance Sapphire Piezo resistive technology.  Our product offering includes the Tubing Encapsulated Cable (TEC), our proprietary Surface Interface Unit, and all the additional associated hardware necessary to provide our customers with a complete permanent monitoring system.  Our systems are manufactured in our Houston facility and utilize the latest technology in design, manufacturing qualification, and calibration.  Beyond provision of the necessary products, SST, through its own service entities and service partners, is able to provide worldwide field installation and service support to our customers.

The SST Permanent Monitoring System design allows for permanent installation of up to 32 real-time gauges using a single TEC.  The system can be powered by main power supply, a solar panel, or a battery, and is ruggedized for use in environmental extremes ranging from Arctic to Desert applications. All SST permanent Gauges are subject to a 15 day “soak” period at maximum temperature following manufacture to verify performance and calibration stability prior to being packed for shipment to our customers.

The typical installation of our Permanent Monitoring System includes the Downhole Gauges, Gauge carriers, Y-Splice, TEC, Cable protectors and clamps, Wellhead adapter and the Surface Interface Unit as shown in the adjacent diagram. The specific equipment selection utilized will vary depending on well, field, reservoir, and customer requirements. Please contact our sales specialists or one of our Permanent Monitoring System completion engineers to help optimize the performance of your well.

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