Well Testing


The PTS well testing engineers, supervisors and operators have vast worldwide offshore and land operational experience. PTS has more than 50 well test sets, including trailer mounted, offshore, arctic, and Heli-portable skids with all ranges of pressure and production rates. We offer professional expertise for client support in the design, supervision, and operation of well testing projects.

PTS has dedicated equipment for solids and fluids recovery for frac flowback, underbalance drilling, and stimulation operations. 

PTS offers a full line of surface well testing equipment that safely ensures flow control during challenging well conditions operations such as well testing, well cleaning, frac flowback, mud flowback, underbalance drilling, and stimulation operations. 

For offshore applications, PTS is only one of a select handful of companies that can provide all the needed subsea well test components as well as the surface components for a complete well testing package.

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