Test Wells

The centerpieces of our facility are two environmentally controlled test wells.Each well is deep enough to handle a full, lower landing string or typical bottom hole assembly, so they can be subjected to the rigors expected in the subsea or downhole environment.Static and dynamic pressures can be applied up to 30,000 psi (pounds per square inch) at temperatures from 50°F to 400°F.Subsea equipment can be subjected to the environments of 12,000 ft. water depths.The test wells have a 5,000 pound overhead crane with a 32 foot clear height.

Tests are controlled and monitored from our data laboratory and can be displayed and streamed for review in real-time to the customers’ offices.

Our testing history includes completion evaluation, casing/cement integrity, completion/reservoir intervention and remediation, drill stem testing, subsea test tree system qualification test and the validation of coiled tubing and wireline logging tools.If it happens in the well or riser we can simulate, validate and qualify it!

Both test wells have the capability to subject the string to 1.2 million pounds of axial loading.

· Well #1   20” Test Well  20” ID X 102’ deep
· Well #2   36” Test Well  36” ID X 70’ deep