Flow Loop

SST’s 36” test well is tied into a full flow loop in order to facilitate surface flow testing.  The flow loop is equipped with three centrifugal pumps which together are capable of flowing, 50 bpm or 72,000 bpd.

The system typically flows either water or gelled fluids at ambient temperature.  However, the fluid reservoir can be cooled down with its 75 ton chiller, thus allowing long-term flowing at a stable temperature.  The test well itself can be heated up to 400°F via a glycol heating system that flows through the well casing.

The flowrates in the system are measured by either low or high flow turbine flowmeters (0.5 bpm to 60 bpm).  The flow meters are placed both upstream and downstream of the well with the data being displayed on rate totalizers and with analog input.

Sand or other solids in the flow stream can be measured with a sophisticated system of both ultrasonic and with our inflow camera solids detection systems, which can detect particles as small as 25 um (microns).  Solids are then caught in a large filter/strainer unit which uses filter socks of varying size to prevent particles from recirculating and causing any damage to the system.